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"It is vital that when educating our children's brains,
we do not neglect to educate their hearts"

- Dalai Lama

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The books below have been specifically written to aid in the tutoring process.

In my profession as facilitator, I have experienced first-hand how visual images and associations have helped children to learn and understand Afrikaans.

‘Verstaan Akrikaans’ assist children in the intermediate phase all the way to Grade 12 to master and apply the grammar rules.

Afrikaans is a very difficult language to learn and master without the basic concepts. It came to my attention that several children struggle and that gave me the idea to write ‘Afrikaans in Prente’.

It is so much easier to learn and understand with visual images and associations. The results of children using this book as a learning aid have shown tremendous progress.


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My Story

Ruanda Chambers is the owner and director of Kids1st which was established in 2012.

Ruanda is a qualified and highly experienced educational facilitator. Ruanda is a hands-on teacher, specializing in Afrikaans tuition.

For 10 years she has taught children of all ages on a variety of subjects specializing in children with physical and cognitive impairment and Afrikaans extra lessons.

Ruanda has a diploma in Educare from Boland College in Stellenbosch. Her education began in the UK specializing in children with physical and cognitive impairment. When she returned to South Africa she went for further training at SNAP and started her facilitation career.

Ruanda is bi-lingual specializing in Afrikaans teaching and has published two Afrikaans activity workbooks which are used as a set book by many schools in the Western Cape as well as private individuals.

Above all, Ruanda feels that learning should be fun and accessible to all.

Satisfied Parents

Positive reviews from students and parents who love us

Thank you for all you have done for Ben and his Afrikaans. He was so excited to get 85% for his Afrikaans exam - something he never dreamt would be possible. It absolutely made his day and has inspired him hugely. The best part was he was not stressed about the exam - he worked hard for it but did not get into a negative state as he has done so in the past. This is all due to the huge input you have given him. You are certainly a talented teacher and I am extremely grateful as it is something I am just not able to help him with. Thank you for all your time and patience you have put into helping him achieve his best.

Caroline & Ben Derman, Grade 7 2017 - WPPS

During my school career I struggled with studying languages due to my dyslexia. Ruanda was an amazing tutor throughout my high school. She helped me achieve my academic goals and taught me to enjoy studying Afrikaans. I would highly recommend her to any student looking to improve their marks in Afrikaans.

Jessica Baskir, Matric 2017 - Reddam House

Ruanda’s lessons have been extremely helpful as I have gone from failing Afrikaans to passing easily. I can highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their Afrikaans marks.

Ben Atkinson, Matric 2018 - Westerford

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